Program details

The Paula's House program is a 1-2 year transitional program dedicated to providing a caring and dignified residential home for homeless women in recovery, who are single or with children. Our primary focus is relapse prevention and permanent, supportive housing.

We provide a structured, safe environment for women who are committed to recovery as well as personal, spiritual, and emotional growth. The program emphasizes a woman's strengths and empowers her to make positive changes in her life. We support this change by offering adult education, life skills training, parenting classes, employability skills training and job search assistance, as well as health and nutrition education and wellness training.

We support adult women (18 years or older) who have long standing serious chemical dependency problems, legal entanglement related to drug using lifestyle, or dysfunctional family situations resulting from drug or alcohol abuse. The program focuses on how to live with life's stressors without drugs or alcohol, rather than focusing on the addiction. To support recovery, the Program Director works with women to develop individual plans, which utilize abstinence-based support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

The women in the program have both social and financial responsibilities while living in the house. The women pay rent based on their income, chores and cooking are shared among the women, and they agree to follow all house rules. The women have a responsibility to stay clean and sober, to join in the recovery process, and to be a positive member of the community.  Our structured and supportive program utilizes a 4-phase system of increasing privileges to help women grow towards independence.

The Paula's House program is funded by individuals, private foundations, government agencies, organizations, and corporate and individual sponsorships. It is a Michigan non-profit corporation and has 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.